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The Project

What Is It?

An ambitious project to photograph those impacted by the proposed Energy East pipeline. I will follow the entire route of the proposed pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick. Using a 4×5 film camera and digital cameras I will create portraits and multimedia pieces that put a human face on this pipeline proposal.

Through this work I hope to demonstrate the strength of individuals and communities, what they value and how this project will have far reaching implications. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling we can bring people from all over Canada to the front lines of this issue.

What is Energy East?

TransCanada, the same company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, is proposing another pipeline but this time across Canada. If approved, Energy East would transport 1.1 million barrels of heavy crude and diluted bitumen a day from the oil sands of Alberta to Saint John, New Brunswick. It would cross hundreds of waterways and drinking water supplies and would be responsible for greenhouse gas emissions that would equal 7 million new cars on the road.

What is the outcome?

The end goal of this project is a photography exhibit that will help elevate the conversation in Canada around pipelines and climate change. People who see this exhibit may recognize themselves and their communities in the faces of others and realize how we are all connected. Several leading environmental NGOs in Canada are already planning how to incorporate this exhibit into their work.

Support the project

The project has been supported by hundreds of individuals and several NGO’s in Canada. I still need support to make this project a success. If you believe that culture and art have an important role to play in building a better world and would like to support this project, you can add your voice and join the community below.