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Project Supporters

I’m an independent photo-journalist who relies on the support of my audience to make projects happen. After making a plan to set off across Canada for this project, I reached out to the following people and organisations, who offered their support. Additional offers of support are welcome! To maintain my independence, no supporter of the project may exert any editorial control over the work I produce as part of the project.


If you would like to donate to Along the Pipeline and help me continue this project, you can do so below.

Robert Niven, Elizabeth T Jones, Clive and Theresa, Jason Mogus, Richard Graves, Rose Ramondt, Gibson Craig, Courtney Howard, Damien A Cote, Katherine Trajan, Jeremy Osborn, Maggy Burns, James Jones, William Hamon, Johanna van Waarden, Peter Lipton, Ian Stewart, Dave Keenan, Julia Keenan, Arlene Keenan, David Wargert, Anthony Berkers, Justin Woolford, J L Wyndham-Kidd, Caroline Howe, Kate & Guus, Frank Lyrauu, Paul Ferris, Hans & Sija, Doug Fraser, Kathryn Martin, Tatiana Glad, Eric Darier, Morgan Goodwin & More